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You can search for a particular link in Linkular, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Flickr, IMDb, ScrapeTorrent, SkreemR, Wikipedia or YouTube. To change the site, first choose which one you want by clicking on the down arrow and then enter the term.

Link Menu

To the left of each link name is the link's logo Icon Clicking on it opens the link menu.
Stars in front of links show popularity.
Hearts indicate favorites. (you need to be logged in)
Medals are for editor's choice.
Site Link brings you directly to the link's site
Direct Download is available for some freeware.
If the link is freeware then a Screenshot of it can be displayed.
Search in 'Link's Site' directly from Linkular.
Do a Google Search for 'link' to learn more about it.
Share with a friend or bookmark it personally or on dozens of social bookmarks.

Clicking on the link's name brings you the link page. In it you have all the possibilities of the link menu as well as access to the long description and comments (coming soon).

Sort Menu

The Sort Box is only shown on pages with links. It allows you to sort the links by name, popularity, editor's choice, favorite, type or random.

Show Links Menu

The Show Links Box is only shown on pages with links. With it you can filter links by content language, type or editor's choice.

Translation Menu

View Linkular in your language using Machine Translation.

Light / Dark

Switch between a dark view of Linkular and a light view of Linkular.

Sign Up

Flag your personal favorites to keep track of links you are using.
Submit new links which you think belong on Linkular.
Post comments about links and read what others have to say. (coming soon)


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